Say Hello to the Ladies of Issue #4

We're incredibly excited to announce the publication of Issue #4, our very first all-ladies issue. 

We're committed to publishing talented female voices from the world over, and this month we are very lucky to feature four women — Ellen Goodlett, Ajla Hodzic, DeAnna Knippling and Tlotlo Tsamaase — who just killed it. Along with a wide and wonderful variety of writing styles, they bring a truly international perspective: hailing from Colorado, New York, Bosnia and Bostwana. This issue is a blend of science-fiction and personal drama, with four original short stories that are compelling and complicated, with nary a clean ending in sight. 

But back to the ladies. I'm lucky to have had a legion of strong women in my life. I wouldn't be the same without them. My grandma escaped an under-siege France in World War II and then raised 9 amazing kids. My other grandma was a badass Radio City Rockette who traveled the world entertaining troops in the same war, and spent the rest of her life teaching underprivileged girls to dance. My mom raised 4 kids, is a teacher and has been a reading advocate her entire life. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law both have doctorates. My sister founded a non-profit providing free education to underprivileged women in Africa and is SO much smarter than me. My wife is a successful writer and amazing, kick-ass working-mom role-model and SO SO much smarter than me, and so if it sounds like I'm bragging, I AM THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

We are happily, eagerly and passionately committed to publishing great female voices and building a magazine women want to read and contribute to. In addition to the other amazing women we've already published, these four keep us on pace to do just that.

Pick up Issue #4 today!

— Quinn

PS: Say hi to The Goat. Find out more in "Between Dog and Wolf".