Issue #3: Happy Valentine's Day, You Poor Bastards

Ok, we're one day early. But hear me out.

This morning we published Issue #3 of our young magazine, and it's a fun one. We asked for stories about "love", and you sent some classics. And we were desperate to get it out the door before you head out and make some REALLY bad decisions.

So: consider Issue #3 your "How To" guide for navigating this treacherous holiday. Here's how to use it:

1. Check out the beautiful, heartbreaking new cover from Bryan Flynn, above. Look back at your own shitty, hand-made card. Consider your options.

2. Open up and find a heavy emphasis on comedy about old lovers, new lovers and desperate lovers (aren't they all the same?). Mona Awad, Kira Hesser and Marc Watkins opened their hearts to you — won't you do the same?

3. To close it out, please enjoy a delightfully creepy voyeur piece from John Paul Davies that'll just demolish your trust in nice boys from the local university.

Helpful, right?

Because, honestly, isn't that how love works? Find a good-looker, have some laughs, make a little sexy-time, and then they stab you in the fucking back.

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Have a nice day.

— Quinn