Issue #2

We're very excited to publish Issue #2 of The Fog Horn today. This issue features awesome new short stories by Brianne Kohl, Matthew David Brozik, T.E. Grau and Conor Powers-Smith.

Thanks to Bryan for an incredible, haunting cover, and Conor, for finding a way to fit the word "wheelbarrow" onto an iPhone screen without sacrificing our beautiful titles. 

We embraced a darker tone this month, reflecting the relentless, encroaching depths of winter and an unmistakable societal sensation of something gone amiss. Security, safety and trust seem to be crumbling. Otherwise innocent symbols, objects and people — from snow drifts to doctors, from computers to authority figures with the power to regulate traffic lanes — now belong on the same list of terrifying things that go "bump" in the dark. As we wrap ourselves tighter and tighter against the cold and the fear, will we run from these monsters? Question them? Welcome them? Challenge them? Be consumed by them? Become them?

This, and more, in Issue #2. Enjoy.