Feel Like The Walls Are Closing In? Join Us!

Some days you just wanna break shit. Some days, that feeling lasts for days. Or weeks. Or months. Or years. Or you just end up breaking shit.

Love. War. Religion. Success. We've all got our own demons. But we're all tortured in some way.

This is an issue about getting out of your own head, or... Or! Completely failing and/or embracing the madness. Sometimes it works out. Most of the time, it doesn't. So there's that.

Many thanks to Chris Starr, Tlotlo Tsamaase, Steven C. Schlozman and Isa Hopkins for four exceptional stories. To Conor "Danger Mouse" Britain for continuing to refine our product and building for the future (we've got some exciting stuff coming) and Bryan Flynn for another daunting, terrifying cover. Just super strange that it's an MRI of your own noggin, Bry. Super strange. 

— Quinn