Announcing The Fog Horn

Today, we're very excited to launch The Fog Horn, our digital short fiction magazine. 

We publish curated short stories from Hollywood writers and new voices. It's available right now for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for $3.99 a month and holy shit, now I'm kind of overwhelmed with excitement and does anybody have a paper bag or something I can breathe into?

For the past four months, we've been working our asses off to bring you an inviting new reading experience -- a streamlined, beautiful app filled with original content for today's on-the-go reader.

Issue #1 features stories by Corinne Stikeman, Molly Schoemann, Chris Starr and Jacob Sager Weinstein. They've written for HBO and FX, and previously been published by McSweeney's, The New Yorker, PRISM and more.

I want to thank (read: "bow before") our developer Conor Britain and art director Bryan Flynn for their awesome work getting us to launch. Conor worked diligently with our friends at TypeEngine to build a quick, intuitive app that puts the words on the page first. Bryan drew our masthead from scratch, as well as designing our icon and covers by hand with only a small, WWI-era pistol to his head. There's so much more incredible work to come from these two.

We hope you'll check out The Fog Horn. We offer a one week free trial for new subscribers. If you hate us after that, you can walk away forever. But I can't guarantee Conor won't come to your house with his potato gun or something. I seriously can't control that guy anymore.


Thanks for reading. Hope you like it!